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Ayon BlackRaven pair

Ayon – BlackRaven

July 28, 2019

Ayon – BlackRaven “ Timeless design, modern elegance and outstanding technology “ The BlackRaven is the consistent advancement of the legendary former Ayon ceramic loudspeaker series (Seagull, Hawk, Falcon, and Eagle) anno 2003 – 2010. Only 9 years later with the new ceramic chassis technology we could develop further the…

Ayon Audio Stealth XS_front_4K

Ayon Audio Stealth XS

July 27, 2019

Ayon Stealth XS Ayon is proud to introduce the Stealth XS DAC based on the well-known Stealth and Stratos, which are built at “cost no object” and are among the best sounding vacuum tube DACs. The Stealth “XS” version is the answer and offers many design highlights from its bigger…

Ayon Audio CD-10 II front 4K

Ayon Audio CD-10 II

July 26, 2019

Ayon CD-10 II Ayon is pleased to introduce the new CD-10 II as a result of fine-tuning our model CD-10. The CD-10 II is in many respects a ground-breaking CD-Player design with an advanced technology like a single-ended triode output stage, a new DAC design with optimized new low-pass filter…

Scorpio XS_Front_4K

Ayon Audio Scorpio XS

July 24, 2019

Ayon Audio Scorpio XS The entrance into real high-end tube amplification The Scorpio XS represents a dramatic rethinking of value oriented vacuum tube based integrated amplifier elegant design while retaining the basic architecture as our highly regarded “Scorpio” amplifier. The Scorpio XS Pure Class A integrated amplifier combines neutrality, realistic…

Ayon logo-1

Francesco Meli Operatic Tenor Ayon Audio Ambassador

July 20, 2019

It’s an exceptional event when World Renown Tenor, Francesco Meli, walks into a concert hall and Performs. Francesco is revered globally, as one of the most famous tenors, thank you Italy. Francesco Meli is an internationally hailed Tenor and is recognized worldwide, from Japan to Great Britain, from Italy to…

Ayon_Audio_Epsilon Evo_left_4K

Ayon Audio Epsilon Evo Mono

July 15, 2019

Ayon Epsilon Evo   We are proud to announce the introduction of the new Epsilon Evo. The new Epsilon Evo is a totally new design featuring new operating and protection circuit boards. All the gain and driver stages and its “ground system” have been also re-designed and optimized as well…

Ayon Audio Crossfire EVO Integrated

Ayon Audio Crossfire Evo – Integrated

July 15, 2019

Ayon Audio Crossfire Evo – Integrated The Crossfire Evo is a completely new design ranging from an innovative driver and gain stage, new volume control, an output transformer with new coil technology by means of which the amplifier in the lower frequency range can work significantly more stable without limiting…

Ayon Audio Spirit V Amplifier

Ayon Audio Spirit V & Spirit PA

July 12, 2019

Ayon Audio Spirit V & Spirit PA                 After nine years of manufacturing of the legendary Spirit III model we are proud to announce the introduction of the new Spirit V. The new Spirit V is not a simple update; it is a…


Ayon Audio S-5 XS (S-5 “Junior”)

July 10, 2019

Ayon Audio S-5 XS   Many of our clients have asked in the past for a more affordable Network-Player based on the very famous S-5, which is uncompromisingly built and one of the best-sounding Network-Player. The S-5 “XS” version is the answer and offers many design highlights from its bigger…

Spirit V Front HR

Ayon Audio Spirit V – Red Fingerprint Award

July 1, 2019

High Fidelity Bestows it’s Red Fingerprint  Award to Ayon Audio’s Spirit V Amplifier!                

Ayon Spirit V & Ayon Scorpio xs High Fidelity Award

Ayon Audio Spirit V – High Fidelity

July 1, 2019

Ayon Audio Spirit V Review by Wojciech Pacuta                July 1, 2019 WORLD PREMIERE GERHARD HIRT knows the audio world like the back of his own hand. He works with many well-known technology companies, is the owner of a part of the former TESLA…