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Ayon Audio Titan Mono Amps – Audio Reference Review

May 10, 2018

  AYON TITAN – “State of the Art” The “Titan” will appeal to the most discerning music lovers offering absolute tonal neutrality, outstanding dynamics and magic soundstage. With explosively fast, seemingly bottomless and uncoloured performance together with unrivalled ambiance portrayal and sonic fluidity it creates the illusion of a real “live” music event. The Titan…

Ayon Audio Titan Evo Monoblock – Positive Feedback Review

March 10, 2018

Ayon Titan Evo Monoblock Amplifiers – “Best Sound” Ayon Audio Titan Evo Monoblock – Positive Feedback Review 03-10-2018 | By Gary Lea | Issue 96 The word Titan brings a whole lot of imagery to mind for most people. Titan Missile; the king of all intercontinental ballistic missiles. Capable of delivering multiple nuclear warheads to other…

Ayon Audio Triton III Review – Positive Feedback

November 14, 2016

Ayon Audio Triton III Integrated Amplifier 11-14-2016 | By  Gary Lea | Issue 88 I have always been a fan of Ayon products. While many of their offerings are not for the faint of heart from a cost perspective you can generally count on the company to produce some of the finest gear around and you…

Ayon Audio Spark III Review – Hi-Fi Choice

November 5, 2012

Ayon Audio Spark III Review – Hi-Fi Choice – SET “Best Sound” Single-ended construction, triodes working in pure class A and 20 watts of power! Date: 2012-11-05 Author: Arkadiusz Ogrodnik Austrian Ayon has already gained a large crowd of fans on the home market, and the offer of the company belonging to Gerhard Hirt continues to expand…

RMAF 2012 Ayon Audio Spirit III and S-3 Stereomojo

October 16, 2012

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 By: James & Linda Darby, Dr. John Richardson, Brian Boehler, Mike Galusha AYON Designed and made in Austria and distributed by top importer Charlie Harrison, Ayon is one of the world’s premiere tube amp makers. They’ve been very busy, rolling out a whopping 14 new products over the…