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Ayon Audio HA-3 II Headphone Amp

Ayon HA-3 “Stereoplay“ – April 2017, Germany

April 21, 2017

Some review quotes: English Translation Also in the HA-3 and practically unchanged you find again Ayon’s tonal philosophy already known from the big powerful triode amps. This includes a dry, acutely firm, and voluminous bass-fundament, that also here became unmistakably manifest with the rather slimly “predisposed” Sennheiser HD800. Impact and…


Ayon Audio CD-35 HiFi Critic Review

April 21, 2017

Ayon CD-35 CD/SACD Player Reviewer: JULIAN MUSGRAVE “ The Ayon is a masterpiece of High End design and execution. ….Anne-Sophie Mutter’s violin sounds richer on the CD-35 than on the other players, and has impressive fluidity and texture”.    SUMMARY: The Ayon is a masterpiece of High End design and execution.…


Ayon Audio Crossfire Evo Review – SoundRebels

April 10, 2017

Ayon Crossfire Evo Monoblock Power Amplifier Opinion 1 I think, that most of you will agree with me, that the Austrian brand Ayon is part of the demanding world of audiophiles and High End for at least some years. And at that it is very recognizable. I know, that a…

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