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Ayon Audio Stealth Ayon CD-TII Review – HFA hifi-Advice

March 1, 2018

    Christiaan Punter                  1 March 2018 HFA hifi-Advice Ayon Stealth DAC and Ayon CD-T II Signature CD Transport All-tube DAC/Preamp and Transport combo with a superb level of musical involvement Stealth DAC/Preamp The Stealth is a fully-fledged DAC compatible with PCM and DSD signals, converting both of…

Ayon Audio CD-35 HF Revisited – High Fidelity Review

January 1, 2018

Ayon Audio CD-35 HF Review by : Wojciech Pacula     –    January 1, 2018      –    No. 164 WORLD PREMIERE Below you will find a text regarding the Super Audio CD Ayon Audio CD-35 High Fidelity (HF) Edition player. It is not a classic test, but rather a record of the state…

Best of the Best Award 2017: Ayon Audio CD-35 LumenWhite – High Fidelity

December 15, 2017

Best of the Best Award 2017: Ayon Audio CD-35 LumenWhite – High Fidelity Ayon Audio CD-35 Best of the Best Award The SPECIAL AWARD category is some kind of “Best of the Best”, but, apart from sound, we also take into account the given idea, people engaged in the project and the influence of the…

Ayon Audio CD-10 Hi-Fi Choice Test and Review

October 5, 2017

Ayon CD-10  CD/SACD              TEST The new Ayon CD-10 CD / SACD player replaces the previously produced CD-1x and CD-07s constructions in the catalog, becoming the most powerful middle-class model that the Austrian manufacturer has released to date Date: 2017-10-05 Author: Arkadiusz Ogrodnik The Austrian Ayon regularly visits our pages, so we can…

Ayon Audio CD-3sx Review – The Absolute Sound

February 19, 2016

Ayon Audio CD-3sx CD Player/DAC/Preamplifier Class A Tube Satisfaction Equipment report by Andre Jennings | Feb 19th, 2016 Ayon Audio CD-3sx CD Player/DAC/Preamplifier Class A Tube Satisfaction Categories: Tubed preamplifiers, Disc players, Digital-to-analog converters | Products: Ayon Audio CS-3sx Ayon Audio CD-3sx CD Player/DAC/Preamplifier From the time digital music became a mainstream format (in the…

Ayon Audio Stealth Review – The Absolute Sound

December 4, 2014

Ayon Stealth DAC/Preamplifier Long-Term Satisfaction by Dick Olsher     December 4, 2014 What’s in a model name? Well, sometimes not much at all when it’s merely an arbitrary numerical designation and a potential source of confusion for my slightly dyslexic mind. On the other hand, Ayon’s choice of model name strikes me as perfectly befitting…

Ayon Audio Sigma DAC Review – Enjoy the Music

August 25, 2014

August 2014 World Premiere! Ayon Audio Sigma 32/192 PCM And 2.3/5.6 MHz DSD DAC With Preamplifier A warm and engaging DAC. Review By Wotjek Pacuła   Life’s easier for the big guys. Starting from kindergarten, through primary school and into the business world. And here we have the Ayon Audio Sigma DAC with preamplifier in for…

Ayon Audio CD-07s Evaluation – Audio Drom

March 14, 2013

Ayon CD-07s Smooth liquidity is another typical element of the Ayon sound. The sound is analog-like, viscose, fluid, flowing, smooth. You may as well discard all these adjectives and replace them with the single formulation: the Ayon is a delight for ears. It is the companion for hours and hours of listening. Function and form…

Ayon Audio CD-1sx Review SoundRebels

February 12, 2013

Ayon Audio CD-1sx Review SoundRebels – “Vacuum Tube CDP Bliss” Ayon CD-1sx The introduction to this review took me longer than expected. On one hand this was due to the unification of the product line of this manufacturer, on the other a highly recognizable design of the products. Probably this has launched your association mechanisms…

RMAF 2012 Ayon Audio Spirit III and S-3 Stereomojo

October 16, 2012

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 By: James & Linda Darby, Dr. John Richardson, Brian Boehler, Mike Galusha AYON Designed and made in Austria and distributed by top importer Charlie Harrison, Ayon is one of the world’s premiere tube amp makers. They’ve been very busy, rolling out a whopping 14 new products over the…