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Ayon Auris II Preamplifier


REVIEW SUMMARY: “Auris gave some body to this image. It put the whole sound more “stable onto the ground”. It filled the air with lively tissue and loaded some serious mass wherever needed. It was this pre‐amp, not the triode power amp which brought in some serious warmth and defined the overall tube impression. And it was so charming and smooth, the listener’s attention was all ears. Listening session pulsed with dynamics and surprised with so many highlights.  Its influence is subtle and clearly positive. It sneaks in a bit of warmth and softness but won’t overheat nor soften the contents. This delicate interference results in coherent sound and extraordinary micro‐dynamics and resolution. Even the best analog potentiometers implemented in very expensive CD players and DACs cannot guarantee this kind of performance.  And let’s not talk about digital volume controls because even the most advanced ones loose details during low volume playback. Auris is able to reproduce excellent body and saturation even on the level of silent whisper”….. Reviewer: Jacek Kłos – Hi-Fi i Muzyka

Ayon Auris II

After the success of the “smaller” Ayon preamplifiers many customers approached us wishing a modular and upgradeable concept. The new Auris is such a modular tube pre-amp design and is offered in some varieties: unbalanced or fully balanced, signature version and Phono MC/MM option for all varieties.

This “Reference” preamp represents the highest standard of preamp based on 6H30 design achievement and offers a holographic soundstage previously unavailable at this price class.

The performance of the Auris is outstanding, transparent and vivid in its presentation. 

There is a huge space of the recording environment reproduced with uncanny realism. The purist 6H30 circuit topology is using zero dB negative feedback, no buffers and no followers or op amps are used anywhere in the signal path.

Excellence in engineering, a special tube rectified power supply and super premium components selection provides a special magic to the reproduction of music.