Ayon CD-35 „Hifi Critic“ – Volume11 / #1, January - March 2017, UK



Ayon S-10 „Hifi Statement“ (german language) – March 2017, Germany

Ayon S-3 Junior - „AVMENTOR” – March 2017, Greece;



Review summary: English Translation

All functions available by the S3-junior user's interface are easy to use by everyone while the 3,5-inch display is clear and keeps you always informed.

The first impression you get by listening to the S-3 junior is a big 3D soundstage which is always pleasant and friendly to the listener.

The neutral character of the player is revealed immediately together with a discrete tube- flavour giving all tracks the positive aspect of each recording!

S-3 junior is always resulting transparent and detailed with a good description of micro dynamics without being dominate to the music program.

Bass is deep but always solid and controlled without ever being "heavy". The same is happening with the mid-bass.

Midrange is the most crucial point to criticize the Junior (!) Voices of all kind and a chorus remained always transparent and natural while the listener is keeping the right distance between him and the stage!

All the instruments are visible with the real "airy" distance between them too. The whole music is presented pleasant to the ear: clear and without any fatigue traces even in high volumes!!

Regarding the high frequencies, the S-3 junior creates the feeling of a "relaxed" and detailed character without been too warm! However the body of the highs remains true to life: clear, solid just giving you the possibility to enjoy the quality of each recording! The S-3 j preamplifier is as good as you expect. Transparency, accuracy mixed with a "polite" character probably due to its tube output stage...

CONCLUSION: We have a very interesting proposal from Ayon to everyone who is seeking to buy a non-costly audiophile streamer/dac/preamplifier combo!

Ayon CD-3sx –  „Positive-Feedback“  –  January 2017USA



Ayon CD-35  “Soundrebels (English version)  

January 2017,  Poland


Ayon CD-35 „High Fidelity“ No. 152 (English Version) 

January 2017, Poland



Ayon S-3 Junior “Soundrebels“ (English version)

June 2016, Poland


Ayon CD-3sx "The Absolute Sound - TAS 259"

January 2015, USA

Ayon S-3 – „Hifistatement“ – July 2015, Germany


Ayon CD-1sx  “Soundrebels (English version)

March 2015 Poland


Ayon CD-3s  „HighEndStyle“

Winter 2014, Slovakia-CZ

Ayon Stealth  „The Absolute Sound – TAS 248“

December 2014, USA

Ayon CD-3sx - „Audiophile-Magazine“

October 2014, France ( French language )


Ayon CD-3sx „Fidelity“ – September/October 2014, Germany

Review summary: English Translation

The fundamental sound signature of the CD-3sx really - independent from the source -  is in the very best sense "ayonic", i.e. bursting with energy, enormously rich in content, and , let's call it this way, "juicy", in the sense of sappy. Delicious: a strong stirring joy of listening that always expands from the bottom, off the bass, from the musical fundament and in a well-shaped, room-filling stature light-footed up to the  highest realm. The CD-3sx guarantees e.g., that even mediocre or significantly lean productions seem to be "earthed" advantageously and lead into the music with recognizable substance and body volume. I liked it very very much. It touches your feelings without deviation. And, as if only a "CD-player": in practice both the preamplifier as well as the DAC-section of the Ayon CD-3sx turn out to be really very good that with it on the rack there is no practical reason to continue looking for a preamp or external converter.

Test Fazit: German original

Die grundsätzliche Klangsignatur des CD-3sx ist nämlich – unabhängig vom Datenlieferanten – im allerbesten Sinne „ayonisch“, also vor Energie strotzend, enorm gehaltvoll und, nennen wir es ruhig mal „saftig“, im Sinne von Saft und Kraft. Herrlich: ein starkes, mitreißendes Hörvergnügen, das sich stets „von unten heraus“, aus den Basslagen, aus dem musikalischen Fundament und in wohlgeformter , raumfüllender Gestalt leichtfüßig bis ins höchste Gefilde hinausreicht. Der CD-3sx garantiert beispielsweise, dass selbst mittelmäßige oder auffällig schlank wirkende Produktionen vorteilhaft „geerdet“ wirken und mit erkennbarer Substanz und Körperhaftigkeit in die Musik hineinführen. Mir gefällt das sehr sehr gut. Hier geht es umweglos ans Gemüt. Und von wegen „CD-Player“: In der Praxis entpuppt sich sowohl die Vorverstärker-als auch die DAC – Sektion des Ayon CD-3sx als dermaßen gut, dass es mit ihm auf dem Rack praktisch keinen Grund gibt, noch weiter nach einem Vorverstärker oder externen Wandler zu suchen.

CD-Player / DAC / Network-Player

Ayon S-5 „Stereoplay“

April 2014, Germany

Review summary: English Translation
Streamer at the edge! Ayon invested with love and understanding in a  tonally superior tube preamp-DAC. Now there is no longer an excuse for the classical high-ender: the new network-heaven begins here.
Price-performance: outstanding
Decorated with the Stereoplay Reference logo

Test Fazit: German original
Streamer am Limit ! Hier wurde mit Herz und Verstand in einen klanglich überlegenen Röhrenvorstufen-DAC investiert. Der klassische High-Ender hat nun keine Ausrede mehr: Hier fängt der neue Netzwerk-Himmel an.
-Preis-Leistung: überragend- 
Ausgezeichnet mit dem Stereoplay Referenz logo

Ayon CD-1sx  „Haute Fidelite “  –  BEST BUY awarded

March 2014, France

Ayon Triton PA – KT150 und Stealth DAC, „Audio“

January 2014, Germany

Ayon S-5  „Haute Fidelite“  

August/September 2013, France

Ayon CD-3s  „HiFi + “

September 2013, England

Ayon Stratos DAC  „Audiophile-Magazine“

August 2013, France

Conclusion: English Translation
STRATOS is without any doubt one of the best DAC I ever listened to. It makes Music, and in the best possible way. It is comfortable in any situation, from Rock dynamics, to Opera sweetness or Blues laments. With DSD, simply on USB, it takes advantage over SACD players that cost twice or 3 times more. With PCM, Stratos is very close to the wonderful Ayon S5 streamer. Again, it takes advantage over DAC that costs twice or 3 times more. And you get a full preamplifier with the DAC! A close integration between DAC and preamplifier seems to really become a design Must.
Using Sabre ESS9018 chip, after having mainly used the BB 1704K, Ayon has fully succeeded this transition. Sonic width and depth are even better than their famous CD5S or Skylla II. With the Stratos DAC for Computer Audio, and with the S5 for Network Streaming, Ayon has delivered 2 great Milestones on the 2 roads of "dematerialized" music.

Ayon S-3  „HXOS“  5-star review  & 40th Anniversary of HXOS

July 2013, Greece

Some review quotes: English Translation
" A very important design dedicated to the HD sound, a real statement of the new era! A very successful ‘marriage’ of tubes combined to meet  all network applications with an outstanding sound"
" For a mysterious reason Austria is the country of the internet sound and streamers as well. Ayon is  the  best ambassador!"
“ We could easily live with the S3 to our system ,considering it as the only source“
" We have never listened before to the internet so good"

Ayon Stratos DAC  „Haute Fidelite N°2“

July 2013, France

Some review quotes: English Translation
“The Stratos DAC/preamp is among Ayon’s latest designs.
As is now the norm for Ayon the layout brings together tubes and state-of-the-art conversion circuits. It results in one of the most remarkable sound reproductions ever met in a DAC so far.
The Ayon graces us with rich and powerful bass… the percussions in the introduction to Moonlight on Spring River by Zhao Cong explore very low frequencies with formidable articulation.
The tonal rendering is such that you feel as if you were with the artists ; on Ha Vinto Amor Sung by Simone Kermes, the soprano is taking shape before your eyes… you can hear every modulation in her voice and intakes of breath.
The Stratos feels at ease on any transient… like the timpani in Shostakovich's Eleventh symphony. On It’s Alright with Me by Harry Connick Junior, the singer and musicians have never been placed so clearly in the soundstage.
Ayon’s Stratos DAC is amongst the best converter we have ever tested in this magazine at any price. The Stratos has allured us by its extremely delightful sumptuously transparent and intensely realistic musical rendering,
an investment for music lovers.”

Ayon S-3  „Music Emotion“

April  2013, The Netherland

Ayon S-3  „Qobuz“

April 2013, France

Ayon CD-07s vs CD-5s  „Audiodrom“

March 2013, CZ ( Englisch Version)

Ayon CD-07s  „Haute Fidelite “  –  BEST BUY awarded

February 2013, France

Ayon CD-1sc "Positive Feedback"

January/February 2013, USA

Review quotes: English Translation

Ayon CD-07s "Stereoplay" – October 2012, Germany

"As a top-loader the Ayon CD-07s likes to be placed on top of the rack. It also deserves this location. Its pleasing design together with top-class manufacturing makes it a real jewel that appears far more expensive than its retail price of 2.450 €. In the same way as its organic appearance impresses the observer the Ayon combines solid state and tubes all naturally. It combines both technologies on clearly laid out PCBs with gold-plated tracks - here place-saving SMD-design for the chips, there ample low capacity design of the tube compartment. The equipment shows that Ayon is at home in both worlds. E.g. triode in the symmetric analogue output stages the CD 07s applies a Philips USA 5687 twin triode that is regarded as one of the best driver tubes for audio applications worldwide."
"The Ayon CD-07s presented itself from a completely different side, as it was not at all eager to produce a spectacular tube sound - from the first bars it fascinated with its presentation, elegant in the truest sense.  The Ayon combined delight in playing, cleanliness and neutrality in an irresistible charming mixture - a DREAM.
- Award: “Stereoplay” HIGHLIGHT
- Value for money: outstanding

German original:

Zitate:  „Der Ayon CD-07s wünscht sich als Top-Lader einen Stellplatz ganz oben im Rack. Den hat er auch verdient: Seine gefällige Formgebung, verbunden mit hochkarätiger Verarbeitung, macht ihn zu einem echten Schmuckstück, das weitaus kostspieliger erscheint, als es mit seinem Kurs von € 2.450.- tatsächlich ist. So organisch seine Formensprache auf den Betrachter wirkt, so selbstverständlich gelingt dem Ayon die Verquickung von Halbleiter und Röhre. Auf übersichtlich gestalteten Boards mit vergoldeten Leiterbahnen vereinigt er beide Technologien in perfekter Harmonie – hier platzsparende SMD – Bauweise für die Chips, dort großzügiger, niederkapazitiver Aufbau im Röhrentrakt. Dass sich Ayon in beiden Welten gleichermaßen zu Hause fühlt, zeigt die Bestückung. Zum Beispiel verwendet der CD-07s in den symmetrischen, analogen Ausgangstufen jeweils eine 5687 Doppeltriode von Philips USA, die als eine der weltweit klangbesten Treiberröhren für Audiozwecke gilt.“
„Von ganz anderer Seite zeigt sich der Ayon CD-07s, war er doch keineswegs darauf aus, spektakulären Röhrensound zu produzieren – von den ersten Takten an faszinierte er durch seine im wahrsten Sinne elegante Vorstellung. Der Ayon vereinte Spielfreude, Sauberkeit und Neutralität in unwiderstehlich-charmanter Mischung – ein TRAUM“.
- “Stereoplay” HIGHLIGHT
- Preis/Leistung:  überragend

Ayon S-3 "Fidelity"

May/June 2012, Germany

Der S-3 bot sogar eher noch mehr Tieftondruck und schien mir im Hinblick auf die tonale Balance eine Winzigkeit runder zu spielen. Das Ergebnis ist ein durchweg charmanter, entspannter, voller und dennoch leichtfüßiger Klang mit enorm viel Souveränität, der nach meinem Dafürhalten nur schwer zu toppen sein dürfte und letztlich von der Tonqualität der Konserve bestimmt wird. Die enge Verwandtschaft zu den großen Vorverstärkern aus geleichem Hause – die ich in puncto Klang zu den beeindrucktesten Komponenten überhaupt zähle – ist übrigens unüberhörbar, was dem S-3 unter den Streamern wohl eine einsame Spitzenposition verschaffen dürfte.   
Test quote: English Translation
The S-3 provided even more bass power and it seemed to me that its tonal balance was a tiny bit truer. The result is an overall charming, relaxed, full and, however, light-footed sound with extraordinary supreme authority. I am convinced that it can hardly get much better and finally will be determined by the quality of the recording. By the way, the close relation to the big preamps of the same manufacturer – that I consider some of the most impressive components at all for sound reproduction – cannot be overheard; therefore as a streamer the S-3 certainly will be almost unbeatable.

Ayon CD-T "Hifi Statement"

April 2012, Germany

Ayon CD-07s "Stereo" – 5-Star review

January 2012, Germany

Ayon S-3 "Stereoplay"

November 2011, Germany

Helios & CD-5s  "Audiophile" – (Deutsche Ausgabe),

Okt. – Dez. 2011, Deutschland

Helios & CD-5s  "Audiophile" -  (English issue),

Oct - Dec 2011, Germany


Best Product 2010 – „High Fidelity“, Poland 2010