Ayon Spirit II - Class A

Ayon is pleased to introduce the all new Spirit II , a substantial advancement of our already highly regarded “ Spirit” model offering.

The Spirit II is not a simple update, it is a new re-design featuring new circuit boards, tube protection board, add features like Pre Out or Direct Input for pure power amp operation and new pre-driver tube devices.

The Spirit II is a “superb value” and powerful pentode-triode vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier. It's fast, airy, dynamic, punchy and controlled bass, clear and holographic soundstage is already a standard in this amplifier.


  • Full-featured vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier
  • Switch able between pentode and triode mode
  • 4 x KT88 power output tubes
  • 4x 12AU7
  • Timer warm up circuit for all tubes, extends tube life
  • Automatic power tube protection circuit syste m
  • High current filament-regulator for pre and driver tubes
  • Choke filtered power supply
  • 0dB negative feedback
  • Power transformer is encased, excellent damped and RFI/EMI shielded
  • High performance output transformer
  • All transformers are sealed with an anti-resonance compound material
  • Selected, premium quality passive components used in all applications
  • High speed capacitors
  • DC-Power filter
  • MKP capacitors
  • New ceramic precision tube sockets with beryllium spring contacts (custom-made )
  • Wide range bias adjustment for other octal based output tubes
  • Shortest possible signal paths
  • Isolated - internal wiring
  • Silver-cupper matrix - internal signal cable
  • Central one-point star earth grounding
  • External static bias adjustment – rear panel
  • F ully hand assembled to insure the highest level of craftsmanship
  • A lu-brushed anodized anti-vibration-resonance and non-magnetic chassis
  • Backlit “ ayon ” logo – front panel
  • 4 line inputs
  • 1x pre out
  • 1 x direct in - for pure stereo power amp operation
  • Ground switch
  • Mute function - RC
  • AC phase polarity control indicator
  • Gold-plated heavy duty binding posts and input jacks
  • All front & rear panel descriptions are engraved
  • Metal remote commander
  • Chassis finish: Black / chrome



Ayon Spirit II

Class of Operation

Triode or Pentode mode

Tube Complement

4x KT88, 4x 12AU7

Load Impedance

4 & 8 Ohms



Output Power / Pentode mode

2 x 60 Watt

Output Power / Triode mode

2 x 40 Watt

Peak Output Power / Pentode mode

2 x 75 Watt

Nominal voltage gain


Frequency Response

27 Hz - 42 kHz/ +/- 0.5 dB

Input sensitivity for full power

1 V

Input Impedance at 1 kHz

100K Ohm

S/N ratio at full power

80 dB


0,003 V



Volume Control


Remote Control



4x Line, 1 x Direct In


Pre out

Dimensions (WxDxH) cm

46x34x26 cm


29,5 kg

Shipping weight


Specifications subject to change without notice